Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Is Coming

WOW. A whole week out of school. What will they do? Are they going to be lazy or want to get moving. My wonderful children are funny. K is so ready for a break she has really taking the last few weeks and tried so hard to recover from school She is really  making great process and I am totally proud of her turn around. J is going good too. We are going to relax for the week and enjoy being together and doing some fun free things around town. I am so excited it going to start with going to see the new movie HOME. I think it will be a funny family moviel

As far as what is planned nothing as we speak. They are waiting to do many things but we will have to see how it going and the weather. It's suppose to rain here today and tomorrow but we can still
get out and about. Work is going better I think I have finally got the hang of working from home.
Which is good in some ways. Well It's going to be to be a fun weekend and week ahead.
Enjoy  yours.
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