Friday, March 6, 2015

School Burn Out

As parents, we try really hard to keep our children happy and healthy. School is suppose to be fun at least their should be something good about it. Middle school seems to be really tough on my two children, it seems to be their worst years. K is really having a hard time this year which is very heart breaking to me as her mother. I am trying to very hard to keep her positive, assisting her in any way I can but she seems to just get deeper in. Pre teen and teen have enough on their plate with their changes in life and being in middle school seems to just add to it. More homework and longer classes to just sit there.

School burn out seems to happy around this time of year for alot of children. It that middle of the christmas to spring break. When they need to let their brains rest, my daughter says MOM my brain is in over load it can't keep things straight. Too much homework, so many things happening in the classroom, yes the teacher trying to get all their work in before the end of the year to look good.
Every class level gets tired from going to school everyday, I wonder if the students didn't go so long or they had no homework would they enjoy school alot more. If the teacher made learning fun and more exciting then just reading from a book or looking at the smart board.

I really will be glad when this year school is over and my children brains can rest. They need a break and I think get refreshed will really help out alot.Image result for brain overload

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