Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Middle School and Girls

What is it about middle school and girls? Listening to my daughter and her friend talk I wonder why it is. When you get in middle school girls just seems to like to hurt their friends and talk behind their backs. I am sure they do it in all grades. I have seem it in preschool but it seems different.
One day your my friend and the next get away from me attitude. Do they realize we all have feelings.
It's crazy, when your in middle school you going thru alot of changes in everything. But
it really didn't make sense until your children are in middle school and then you look around, It's mine child this time. It's really heart breaking when your trying to share and help your child thru it.

Explain, it's part of life. Your feelings, emotions, just everything is all mixed up, and sometimes it just takes time to get thru it. I think people today tweens, teens and adults, we forget sometimeto think about what we do or say to others. Think before you speak or do is a term we usealot. Think about how it might make the other person feel, would you like it if the tables were turned.
Probably not. I really wish it was easier but like everything when you growing up alot changes andit doesn't get any easier. Smile. Think about what your doing or saying.

My daughter is pretty tough, but she does let her shell down. Friends are so important, butthey do sometimes hurt you, and they might not realize it so Think about it before you do or say it.

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