Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Legos for all Ages

Today in our mail both my children got their new issue of the Lego Club magazine. This is really a great magazine for children of all ages.Why? Because it lets them be creative, readers, use their minds and so much more. I usually give them their mail and I never think to look at the magazine,but this issue my son was looking at and I was so called looking over the shoulder mom.

I saw so many wonderful, great things in this issue. Children minds and hands working so hard to creative really awesome buildings and landmarks around the world. It was really neat. Took alot of patience too. Children can do anything with Legos, math, reading this issue it was full of great things.
It had stories to head like the ole comic strips, learn a new word in a different language, tips to get Lego new sites, and my children all time favorite. MOM there a coupon for kids to get in FREE.
Kids magazine always have something for the adult. My daughter been to Legoland Florida on a field trip it was really a great place, it seem a few years and I am learning it time for another one so many new adventure things are there. But back to this magazine you really should subscription to it they have issue for younger children lego club jr and Lego club for the other children. Just go to their website at and sign up it FREE.
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