Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick Day

Today was pretty normal in our house. Yes it is St Patrick Day, but I think my children aren't into it this year. I did tell K to wear some green socks so she won't get pinched. She was like What Mom?
Yes, I do remember like yesterday going to see and if you didnt' have green on the other children would pinch you. I guess in today schooling that just might not be a good idea. I don't want anyone to get in trouble. Well we are here with a short week. K doesn't have school on Friday. It's a day for the
teachers to get some work done in their classroom. K informed me with such a BIG smile yesterday that she only has umm 40 days left of sixth grade. I am very glad she really wants and needs a break.
J is doing very well with his homeschooling which has been fun and interesting at time.
Well this is a short post. Many things to get done. I already did the lawn so I am on the road to getting it done. Have a great day.

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