Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fun Friday Night

Friday was a great day in our household. J and I went out to lunch which was really cool.
Then K did a dance program with her two best buds from school at their Auction/Art Show  from school. It was really alot of fun,and it was great to see some friends from school.
The school raised alot of money auctioning the classroom projects and baskets that
the classroom children and parents donated items for. There was so really cool
baskets this year. From a minecraft basket which was a hit to the really cool beach trip with a wagon inlcuded . It looked like everyone was having a great time.

It was really fun watching my girl up infront of alot of friends dancing she was so relaxed and seem to really enjoy herself, then she spent the rest of the time hanging with her friends. J and I hada good time too hanging with some friends.

So now to the weekend, which is looking pretty good from here. Going to watching the Nascar race, do my Fox fantasy race team and relax with my children.

Hope that you have a great time this weekend too.

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