Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fun for all

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Wednesday are always a fun time in our family. Usually J goes to the church wednesday night program for teens, and K and I have our time together. We like to go to the park across the street and start by walking the track, then she plays on the playground for a while and then it off to get something to eat, then pick up J.

Last night it was different, J didn't feel like going to church, but K really wanted to do our Wednesday night trip to the park. I decide it was such a wonderful day outside and it would be great for all of us to get out exercise and do something fun. It was just that totally fun.
We all walked the track and played on the playground. Which was alot of fun since the weather was pretty here. Yes, we did the dinner trip to. It was alot of fun. I totally love when the three of us get together and do something fun. and No fighting last night

Next week, who knows J might go to church, but K and I will continue our walking and spending out time together.Plus, time change so it will be lighter alot longer for us to hanging out.

Enjoy your day.

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